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The functionalities of the dHotEqn methods are shown below. Pressing on the buttons will modify the applet equation, left or right side values, the background or foreground color or return values and the size parameters.

<applet code=dHotEqn.class height=55 width=100 name=dhoteqn align=absmiddle>
<param  name="leftside"    value="x">
<param  name="rightside"   value="\sqrt{\frac{3}{5}}">


The dHotEqn applet is addressed by the name id dhoteqn. When the buttons are pressed, the JavaScript statements will be executed as printed on the button labels. The first two buttons use setEquation with one parameter for the expression and the third button with two parameters for the left and the right side expression separately. The fourth and the fifth button show setLeftSide and setRightSide, respectively.

The buttons above and below the text fields - with the name id text or size - display the expressions or size values retrieved by the getLeftSide, getRightSide or getWidth, getHeight methods.

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